The Digital Hub

Looking Glass Media are thrilled to be involved with this inspirational project in the care home sector.

The Digital Line (TDL) has launched a series of exciting new programs aimed at the elderly, both in residential and assisted living homes starting with Project Alexa.

These include voice-activated assistants in conjunction with Amazon on Project Alexa, which allows residents to manage lights, radio, climate control and other activities using only their voices.

Project Alexa demonstrates that new technology brings benefits to all sectors of society, not just the young. The sense of empowerment and independence it gives to people who were previously dependent upon carers to perform even the simplest tasks such as changing a radio station or turning off a light is inspiring and it has also shown evidence of a clear improvement in their mental wellbeing.

Alongside Project Alexa, TDL is also trialling a new program of interactive experiences under the Stimul8 program, which transports residents to eight different environments, including a lakeside picnic, a beach barbeque, and snow-peaked mountains, through a marriage of audio, video, scent, touch, and taste.

They believe that elderly residents are not well served when it comes to modern activities. Many people in their 70s and 80s have become familiar with smartphones, tablets and voice-activated assistants but when they are admitted to care homes they are presented with activities that feel outdated and often tired.

Other initiatives include the Audio Book Club, Virtual Spaces, Memory Bank, Anim8 and Emotive Eye – a unique program using emojis to communicate with dementia sufferers.

The ultimate goal of TDL is to supplement the more traditional forms of activity with a new Digital Menu of services that would be delivered in high tech Digital Hubs in care homes all around the country.

We live much longer but we don’t necessarily live much better. None of this technology is aimed at replacing conventional care because human interaction is vitally important. What we are looking to do is supplement the activities of the elderly with digital experiences that enhance their lives.

Daniel Church